Save your login information with SavetheLogin!

The information that needed to login is very important and must be encrypt it on transfer section.
However, information that needed to login is still being transferred in plaintext on transfer section of many web servers.

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There should be no information that can be exposed.

We have aim to inform you if your information that needed to login is transferred securely on the transfer section of web.

SavetheLogin team thinks your information is valuable.

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What is URI scheme?

URI scheme distinguishes http and https.

What is HSTS Policy?

HSTS stands for HTTP Strict Transport Security.
This policy forces the use of the HTTPS protocol only.

What is Session Cookie Vulnerability?

Session cookies are generally used to store session IDs or access tokens. Once they are exposed or compromised, attackers can impersonate users, or escalate their privileges on your application.

What is Clickjacking Prevention?

Clickjacking is a compound word of mouse click and hijacking that mean hijacking with mouse click.
Attacker could make the user click on what attacker intended.

What is XSS Protection Policy?

CrossSiteScripting (XSS) Protection Policy prevents script that written by attacker deliver to normal user.


Why do you need SavetheLogin?

With a network packet capture program such as wireshark you can see network packets, but it might be difficult for you to use these programs.
But with our extension you can easily check if the login information is sent as plaintext before network transmission.

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curious about the SavetheLogin team's privacy policy.

The detailed privacy policy is disclosed at

How is my personal information used in extensions?

Personal information is deleted after the plain text transmission is detected and is not accessible from the extension. You don't have to worry.

I wonder how the extension works in chrome.

Our extension is built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Also used vue.js for UI.
More details on how it works are available at

Is my personal information stored or transmitted to third parties?

We take your privacy as our top priority, No information processed by the extension is stored or transmitted.
Extensions are open source. If the extension is installed in Chrome, the source code is not obfuscated in the Chrome Profile Path.

The site I use was detected as a login plaintext transfer. What should I do?

You should inform the administrator of your site and ask them to apply SSL.